Microwave Facilitated Green Synthesis and Characterization of Acrylamide Grafted Copolymer of Kheri (Acacia chundra) Gum Polysaccharide

Author(s): Rishabha Malviya*, Pramod Kumar Sharma, Susheel Kumar Dubey

Journal Name: The Natural Products Journal

Volume 10 , Issue 4 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Objective: In the present study, an attempt was made to synthesize biodegradable, hemocompatible, antimicrobial and pH-responsive hydrogel.

Methods: Microwave facilitated green synthesis was carried out for the grafting of acrylamide over Kheri Gum Polysaccharide (KGP) backbone. The grafted hydrogel was characterized in terms of FTIR spectra, 1H NMR spectra, SEM image, contact angle, chemical resistant, biodegradation, blood clotting time, thrombogenicity, hemolytic activity and cytotoxic effect.

Results: More swelling was observed by graft copolymers (KGP-g-Am) in all the solvent systems such as double distilled water, 1 N NaOH and 0.1 N HCl than KGP. Graft copolymers showed more swelling in 1 N NaOH than in 0.1 N HCl, followed by distilled water. Blood clotting studies showed longer clotting time for KGP-g-Am as compared to the uncoated glass surface and KGP coated glass surface. Results obtained after molecular docking predict that TLR-4 receptors are considerably more liable than TLR-2 receptors for antimicrobial activity of both KGP-g-Am and KGP. Experimental data evidently explains the better antimicrobial efficacy of KGP-g-Am (K1) against Escherichia coli and Aspergillus niger than KGP. In molecular docking studies, KGP-g-Am showed prominent anticancer activity than KGP at the protease-activated receptor (PAR1). Results of in vitro cytotoxic activity against breast cancer cell lines (MCF 7) predict better control over cell growth by KGP-g-Am (K1) as compared to KGP.

Conclusion: It can be elicited from the data that microwave assisted grafting over KGP backbone modulates and introduces prerequisite properties within the polymer and can be utilized for various biomedical, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical applications.

Keywords: Polysaccharide, graft copolymer, pH-responsive, antimicrobial activity, kheri gum, cytotoxicity, receptor.

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