Demographic and Clinical Evaluation of Patients with Pancreatic Cancer in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences During 2002-2013

Author(s): Mina A. Rad, Azar Fanipakdel, Hassan Vossoughinia, Maliheh Dadgarmoghaddam, Benyamin Esmaeili, Amir H. Jafarian, Masoumeh Salari*, Abdollah Firoozi

Journal Name: Current Cancer Therapy Reviews

Volume 16 , Issue 2 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Introduction: Pancreatic cancer consists of 10% of digestive tract tumors, and while rare, it is associated with high mortality. In this study, we collected the patients’ data including tumor location, metastasis, pathology type, demographic factors, risk factors, and clinical and laboratory profile at the time of diagnosis to find the relation between these factors and disease progression.

Methods: This study includes all data from real charts of patients with a definitive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, admitted to Ghaem, Imam Reza, and Omid hospitals from 2002 to 2013. All the data which were available in lab results, exams, and patient files, were used accordingly.

Results: 348 pancreatic cancer patients entered the study. About 61.5% of the subjects were men. Mean age was 59.67±14.37 years. Main complaints were abdominal pain (42.53%), jaundice (13.79%) or both (37.07%). We found a positive history of cancer in the first-degree relatives of 3.7% of patients, with the most prevalent being gastric cancer (46.1%). Cigarette smoking (P<0.001), tobacco smoking (cigarette or hookah) (P<0.001), opium use (P<0.001), and alcohol consumption (P=0.01) were significantly higher in men rather than women. However, hookah smoking was significantly higher in women (P=0.003). The most prevalent comorbidities were diabetes mellitus (33%) and hypertension (27.8%). The most common location of pancreatic cancer was head of the pancreas (85.3%). The most common pancreatic tumor pathology was adenocarcinoma (92.8%) with the same quiet prevalence in both genders. (P=0.5), It occurred significantly more in patients over 45 years old (P<0.001). Also, 45.7% of these patients had distant metastasis and liver was the most common metastatic site (69.8%).

Conclusion: The age range was between 40 and 80 years old. The most common chief complaints were jaundice and abdominal pain. The most common tumor location was head of the pancreas. Adenocarcinoma was the most common pathology. The liver was the most common metastasis site.

Keywords: Pancreatic cancer, demographics characteristics, clinical characteristics, gastric cancer, smoking, opium, alcohol.

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