Recent Advances in Alzheimer Research

Recent Advances in Alzheimer Research

Volume: 3

Alzheimer's Disease: Pathological and Clinical Findings

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Alzheimer's disease is the most frequent cause of dementia that slowly and progressively causes cognitive impairment and profoundly alters the daily activities of the patients. Approximately, ten ...
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Pain and Dementia

Pp. 34-51 (18)

Enrique Arriola Manchola and Javier Alaba Trueba


Pain assessment in the different stages of Alzheimer's disease can become complex, especially in the final stages of the disease due to the inability of patients to express the different characteristics of the pain, so it is necessary to use observational scales to detect pain “equivalents”.


Aging, Assessment, Behavior, Pain, Sementia.


Memory and Alzheimer Unit, Matia Foundation, San Sebastian, Spain.