Recent Advances Towards Treatment of HIV: Synthesis and SAR Studies

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Author(s): Neelima Shrivastava, Asif Husain, Mohammad Rashid*, Shahid Karim, Nimer Fehaid Alsabeelah, Nasir Ali Siddiqui

Journal Name: Mini-Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry

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In the present study authors wants to encouraged the research exertions through structure activity relationship for the identification of effective molecules for treatment of Human immunodeficiency virus because now a days globally AIDS is considered as one of the main cause of death in human beings. A diversity of biological sources has been searched and developed for the treatment of HIV but unfortunately till now no medicine is found to be fully effective, safe and cure of patients. Human immunodeficiency virus is a lentivirus type which cause the infection of HIV and once remain in human body for longer period of time triggered immunodeficiency syndrome. For the searching and developing a new potent and effective anti HIV molecules, medicinal chemist have engaged on countless targets with the legands structure activity relationship and based on that way many antiretroviral therapies has developed to cure HIV infection. Many of these new searched molecules have been found to be clinically active against several types of AIDS patient and auxiliary research remain in this area may lead to better treatment in near future. This article has shelters and highpoints the recent advancement of innumerable inhibitors laterally through synthetic, semi-synthetic and structure activity relationship (SAR) approaches.

Keywords: SAR, Protease inhibitor, Integrase inhibitor, Chemokine receptor, Fusion inhibitors, NNRTIs.

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