Boswellia serrata Oleo-Gum-Resin and its Effect on Memory Functions: A Review

Author(s): Mohaddese Mahboubi*, Leila Mohammad Taghizadeh Kashani

Journal Name: The Natural Products Journal

Volume 10 , Issue 4 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: In Iranian Traditional Medicine, Boswellia serrata oleo-gum resins were used for the treatment of "Nisyan". "Nisyan" was equivalent to a reduction of memory or forgetfulness.

Objective: This review evaluates the traditional believes of B. serrata and memory and its effectiveness on memory loss.

Methods: We extracted all traditional and modern information on B. serrata oleo-gum resin preparations and memory from scientific accessible resources (Google Scholar, PubMed, Springer, Science direct, Wiley), non-accessible resources and traditional books.

Results: In traditional manuscripts, "Nisyan" is equal to memory loss in modern medicine and was believed to happen as the result of pouring the waste materials into the brain. Traditional practitioners treated "Nisyan" by inhibition of waste production in the brain or cleaning the brain from waste materials. They recommended using the plants with warming effects on the brain. It was believed that B. serrata had beneficial effects on memory functions and its memory enhancing effects have been the subject of pharmacological and clinical trial studies.

Conclusion: Despite some documents on the effectiveness of B. serrata oleo-gum-resin on memory functions, there is gap between these investigations, especially in pregnant and nursing mothers. More investigations with large clinical trials are required to complete flaw in order to improve the therapeutic applications of B. serrata on memory functions.

Keywords: Boswellia serrata, memory, nisyan, boswellic acids, traditional medicine, trial studies.

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