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Author(s): Vinoy Thomas

Journal Name: Current Nanoscience

Volume 15 , Issue 4 , 2019

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•  Dao, H.M.; Chen, J.; Tucker, B.S.; Thomas, V.; Jun, H-W.; Li, X-C.; Jo, S. Hemopressin-based pH-sensitive hydrogel: A potential bioactive platform for drug delivery. ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng., 2018, 4(7), 2435-2442.
•  Tucker, B.S.; Baker, P.A.; Xu, K.G.; Vohra, Y.K.; Thomas, V. Atmospheric pressure plasma jet: A facile method to modify the intimal surface of polymeric tubular conduits. J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, 2018, 36, 940.
•  Budhwani, K.I.; Dettmann, M.A.; Saleh, M.N.; Thomas, V. Nano and microbubble systems for on-demand cancer drug delivery. Curr. Nanosci., 2018, 14(1), 33-41.
•  Wood, A.T.; Everett, D.; Budhwani, K.I.; Dickinson, B.; Thomas, V. Wet-laid soyfiber reinforced hydrogel scaffold: Fabrication and mechano-morphological and cell studies. Mater. Sci. Eng. C, 2016, 63, 308-316.
•  Singh, S.; Thomas, V.; Martyshkin, D.; Kozlovskaya, V.; Kharlampieva, E.; Catledge, S.A. Spatially controlled fabrication of a bright fluorescent nanodiamond-array with enhanced far-red Si-V luminescence. Nanotechnology, 2014, 25(4), 045302.
•  Schindler, C.; Williams, B.L.; Patel, H.N.; Thomas, V.; Dean, D.R. Electrospun polycaprolactone/polyglyconate blends: Miscibility, mechanical behavior, and degradation. Polymer, 2013, 54(25), 6824-6833.
•  Bottino, M.C.; Thomas, V.; Schmidt, G.; Vohra, Y.K.; Chu, T.M.; Kowolik, M.J.; Janowski, G.M. Recent advances in the development of GTR/GBR membranes for periodontal regeneration – a materials perspective. Dent. Mater., 2012, 28(7), 703-721.
•  Thomas, V.; Halloran, B.A.; Ambalavanan, N.; Catledge, S.A.; Vohra, Y.K. In vitro studies on the effect of particle size on macrophage responses to nanodiamond wear debris. Acta Biomater., 2012, 8(5), 1939-1947.
•  Zhang, X.; Thomas, V.; Xu, Y.; Bellis, S.L.; Vohra, Y.K. An in vitro regenerated functional human endothelium on a nanofibrous electrospun scaffold. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(15), 4376-4381.
•  Thomas, V.; Dean, D.R.; Jose, M.V.; Mathew, B.; Chowdhury, S.; Vohra, Y.K. Nanostructured biocomposite scaffolds based on collagen co-electrospun with nanohydroxyapatite. Biomacromolecules, 2007, 8(2), 631-637.

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Year: 2019
Page: [325 - 325]
Pages: 1
DOI: 10.2174/157341371504190301101515

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