The Inducing Role and Molecular Basis of Bursal Hexapeptide (BHP) on Avian Immature B Cell

Author(s): Xiu Li Feng*, Yang Zheng, Shan Shan Hao, Guang Fang Zhou, Pu Yan Chen

Journal Name: Protein & Peptide Letters

Volume 26 , Issue 5 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: The Bursa of Fabricius is an acknowledged central humoral immune organ unique to birds, which provides an ideal research model on the immature B cell development.

Objective: In this article, our motivation is to study the role on sIgM and establish the molecular basis and functional processes of Bursal Hexapeptide (BHP) in avian immature B cells DT40 cell lines.

Methods: In this article, we detected the expressions of sIgM mRNA with qPCR in DT40 cells with BHP treatment, and investigated the gene expression profiles of BHP-treated DT40 cells, employing microarray analyses. Also, to validate the differentially expressed genes, we performed KEGG pathway and Gene Ontology analysis in the BHP-treated DT40 cells. Finally, we comparatively analyzed the similar regulated genes and their involved immune functional processes between DT40 cell and mouse immature B cell line WEHI231 cell with BHP treatment.

Results: Following the proposed framework, we proved that the BHP enhanced the mRNA expression levels of IgM in DT40 cells, and induced 460 upregulated genes and 460 downregulated genes in BHP-treated DT40 cells. The pathway analysis showed that the differentially regulated genes in DT40 cell line with BHP treatment were involved in 12 enrichment pathways, in which Toll-like receptor signaling pathway was the vital pathways, and cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction and Jak-STAT signaling pathway were another two important pathways in BHP-treated DT40 cells. Moreover, BHP induced the immune related biological processes in BHP-treated DT40 cells, including T cell related, cytokine related, lymphocyte related, and innate immune response GO terms. Finally, the comparatively analysis showed that there were two downregulated genes GATA3 and IFNG to be found co-existed among the differentially expressed genes in BHP-treated DT40 cell and WEHI231 cells, which shared some same immune related functional processes in both cell lines.

Conclusion: After the applying the framework, we proved the inducing roles and the gene expression profiles of BHP on avian immature B cells, and verified some molecular basis from the KEGG and GO analysis. These results provided the insight for mechanism on immature B cell differentiation, and offer the essential direction for the vaccine improvement.

Keywords: Bursal Hexapeptide (BHP), IgM, immature B cell, pathways, immune functional processes, toll-like receptor signaling pathway.

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