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Author(s): Stevan W. Djuric

Journal Name: Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 15 , Issue 3 , 2019

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Iyer, Kiran. Yi, Jing.; Bogdan, Andrew R.; Talaty, Nari.; Djuric, Stevan W.; Cooks, R. Graham. Accelerated multi-reagent copper catalysed coupling reactions in micro droplets and thin films. React. Chem. Eng, 2018, 3, 206-209.
Price, Gregory A.; Hassan, Abbas.; Chandrasoma, Nalin.; Bogdan, Andrew R.; Djuric, Stevan W.; Organ, Michael G. Pd-PEPPSIIPent- SiO2: A Supported Catalyst for Challenging Negishi Coupling Reactions in Flow Angewandte Chemi. Int. Editi, 2017, 56(43), 13347-13350.
Wang, Ying. Edalji, Rohinton P.; Panchal, Sanjay C.; Sun, Chaohong.; Djuric, Stevan W.; Vasudevan, Anil. Are We There Yet? Applying Thermodynamic and Kinetic Profiling on Embryonic Ectoderm Development (EED) Hit-to-Lead Program J. Med. Chem, 2017, 60(20), 8321-8335.
Tsoung, Jennifer. Wang, Ying.; Djuric, Stevan W. Expedient Diels-Alder cycloadditions with ortho-quinodimethanes in a high temperature/ pressure flow reactor React. Chem. Eng, 2017, 2(4), 458-461.
Baranczak, Aleksandra. Tu, Noah P.; Marjanovic, Jasmina.; Searle, Philip A.; Vasudevan, Anil.; Djuric, Stevan W. Integrated Platform for Expedited Synthesis-Purification-Testing of Small Molecule Libraries ACS Med. Chem. Lett, 2017, 8(4), 461-465.
Djuric, Stevan W.; Meanwell, Nicholas A. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Technological Advances: Highlights 2015-2016 J. Med. Chem, 2017, 60(1), 1-3.
Tsoung, Jennifer.; Bogdan, Andrew R.; Kantor, Stanislaw.; Wang, Ying.; Charaschanya, Manwika.; Djuric, Stevan W. Synthesis of Fused Pyrimidinone and Quinolone Derivatives in an Automated High Temperature and High Pressure Flow Reactor J. Org. Chem, 2016.
Koolman, Hannes .F.; Kantor, Stanislaw. Bogdan, Andrew R.; Wang, Ying.; Pan, Jeffrey Y. Djuric, Stevan W. Automated library synthesis of cyclopropyl boronic esters employing diazomethane in a tube-in-tube flow reactor. Org. Biomol. Chem., 2016, 14(27), 6591-6595.
Bogdan, Andrew R.; Charaschanya, Manwika.; Dombrowski, Amanda W.; Wang, Ying.; Djuric, Stevan W. High-Temperature Boc Deprotection in Flow and Its Application in Multistep Reaction Sequences Org. Lett, 2016, 18(8), 1732-1735.
Price, Gregory A.; Bogdan, Andrew R.; Aguirre, Ana L.; Iwai, Toshiyuki; Djuric, Stevan W.; Organ, Michael G. Continuous flow Negishi cross-couplings employing silica-supported Pd-PEPPSI-IPr precatalyst Catal. Sci. Technol, 2016, 6(13), 4733-4742.
Charaschanya, Manwika.; Bogdan, Andrew R.; Wang, Ying.; Djuric, Stevan W. Nucleophilic aromatic substitution of heterocycles using a high-temperature and high-pressure flow reactor Tetrahedron Lett, 2016, 57(9), 1035-1039.

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Year: 2019
Published on: 12 April, 2019
Page: [215 - 215]
Pages: 1
DOI: 10.2174/157340641503190221124448

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