A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness

A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness

A Blueprint for the Hard Problem of Consciousness addresses the fundamental mechanism that allows physical events to transcend into subjective experiences, termed the Hard Problem of Consciousness. ...
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Cortical Signals of Consciousness

Pp. 89-93 (5)

Paulo J. Negro


Late extracellular signals underscore some of the neural signatures of consciousness, which seem to depend on long-range feedback processing. The Visual Awareness Negativity and P300, which denote a variation in awareness, correlate with consciousness and originate from late signals. Mid- and long-distance information sharing provides long-range cortical communication, and also represents a neural correlate of consciousness in humans. In granular sensory cortices, superficial and deep pyramidal cells respectively process feedforward and feedback information, apparently as parallel streams. There is evidence identifying Layer-5 neurons as the main cortical column integrators of information. Layer-5 pyramidal neurons might function as coincidence detectors by signaling feedforward and feedback interactions with a high-frequency spike burst triggered by calcium influx. These spike bursts may give origin to the late extracellular signals observed at superficial cortical layers. The high-bursting model of coincidence detection fits the concept of realization of information: ‘expectation.information’expectation.information can be re-expressed as ‘feedback.feedforward’feedback.feedforward.


Beta Oscillation, Calcium-Spike, Cerebral Cortex, Coincidence Detector, EEG Integration and Differentiation, Feedforward and Feedback Streams, ‘feedback.feedforward’feedback.feedforward, Gamma Oscillation, High- Bursting Model, Information Sharing, Local Field Potential, Long-Range Connections, Layer 1 Inhibition, Layer 5, Neural Correlates of Consciousness, Predictive-Error Suppression, Pyramidal Cells, P300, Superficial and Deep Cortical Layers, Signals of Consciousness, Visual Awareness Negativity.


Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the George Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences.