Immobilization of Purified Fungal Laccase on Cost Effective Green Coconut Fiber and Study of its Physical and Kinetic Characteristics in Both Free and Immobilized Form

Author(s): Priyanka Ghosh, Uma Ghosh*

Journal Name: Current Biotechnology

Volume 8 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Laccases are important enzymes that have numerous applications in different biotechnological sectors.

Objective: The aim was to purify laccase from Aspergillus flavus PUF5, successfully immobilize it on coconut fiber and characterize different physical and kinetic properties under both free and immobilize conditions.

Methods: Laccase from A. flavus PUF5 was purified using ammonium sulfate precipitation, followed by DEAE column chromatography and gel filtration using Sephadex G100. The molecular weight was determined through SDS-PAGE (12%). It was immobilized on pretreated coconut fiber through crosslinking by glutaraldehyde (4% v/v). Physical and kinetic parameters like optimum temperature, pH, thermostability, the effect of additives, activation energy, Km and Vmax for free and immobilized laccase were also analyzed. Recycling stability of the immobilized laccase was further determined.

Results: The extracellular laccase (65 kDa) was purified up to homogeneity and was immobilized on acid-pretreated coconut fiber by 4% (v/v) glutaraldehyde solution at 30°C, pH 5.0. Activation energy (Ea) of free and immobilized laccase for oxidation of guaiacol was found to be 24.69 and 32.76 kJ mol-1 respectively. Immobilized laccase showed higher melting temperature (Tm) of (82.5°C) than free enzyme (73°C). Km and Vmax for free and immobilized laccase were found to be 0.67 mM, 0.70 mM and 280 U/mg, 336 U/mg respectively when guaiacol was used as substrate. Additionally, in immobilized condition laccase retained ˃80% of its initial activity after use till six repeated cycles.

Conclusion: The purified laccase enzyme and the cheap immobilization seem to be a prospective process for different biotechnological and industrial applications.

Keywords: Laccase, Aspergillus flavus PUF5, purification, coconut fiber, glutaraldehyde, immobilization, characterization.

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