Biofuels in Automobiles: Advantages and Disadvantages: A Review

Author(s): Ashraf Elfasakhany*

Journal Name: Current Alternative Energy

Volume 3 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Biofuels are one of the promising alternative fuel sources for automobiles. The use of biofuels in combustion engines of automobiles showed many advantages and disadvantages. In this study, the advantages and disadvantages of using biofuels in internal combustion engines are reviewed and summarized based on early studies. Biofuels can offer favorable well-towheel CO2 balance in our environment and improve engine power and efficiency. Oxygen contents in biofuels also provide advantages for the fuel combustion. However, biofuels, also showed some disadvantages, like corrosiveness to engine systems and low heating values of biofuels. Boiling temperature, absorption with water, vapor toxicity, and autoignition of biofuels showed advantages for some types and drawbacks for others.

Keywords: Advantages, automobiles, biofuels, disadvantages, gasoline, review.

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