Recent Patents on Electromachining of Microelectrodes

Author(s): Xiaowei Ni, Baocheng Xie*, Yongqiu Chen, Yangwei Wang

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Mechanical Engineering

Volume 12 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Background: Electromachining technology is widely used in micro manufacturing of microshafts, micro-holes, micro-grooves and other micro three-dimensional structures, which contributes to the giant demands for tool electrode. More and more attention has been paid on the electromachining of microelectrodes.

Objective: To meet the increasing requirement of machining quality and machining efficiency of electromachining of microelectrodes, the processing devices and processing methods of electromachining of microelectrodes are continuously improved.

Methods: This paper reviews various current representative patents related to the processing devices and processing methods of electromachining of microelectrodes.

Results: Through comparing different kinds of processing devices and processing methods of electromachining of microelectrodes, the main problems in the current development such as machining efficiency and machining quality of electromachining of micro electrode are concluded and analyzed, and the future development trends of processing devices and processing methods of electromachining of microelectrodes are discussed.

Conclusion: The optimization of processing devices and processing methods of electromachining of microelectrodes is advantageous for solving the problems of machining efficiency and machining quality, and more relevant patents will be invented in the future.

Keywords: Electromachining, microelectrodes, machining efficiency, machining quality, processing devices, processing methods.

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