Secondary Metabolites of Genus Pandanus: An Aspect of Phytochemistry

Author(s): Ninh The Son*

Journal Name: Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry

Volume 16 , Issue 7 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Genus Pandanus belongs to the family Padanaceae, which is widely distributed in old world tropics and subtropics, and has been applied in traditional herbal medicines, pharmacological uses, food chemical products and handicrafts. Original research articles related to this genus are available but an insight account highlighted phytochemical aspects of secondary metabolites is now insufficient. The reliable sources of literature data for this systematic manuscript were obtained from the literatures published from 1960s to now, utilizing data information from ACS journals, Taylor Francis, Springer, IOP Science, SCI-finder, Chemical Abstracts, the Web of Science, Scopus, ScienceDirect, PubMed and Googlescholar. A vast amount of data showed that genus Pandanus contained various classes of the secondary metabolites. Herein, approximately 180 constituents were isolated, comprising alkaloids, phenols, lignans, steroids, terpenoids, lipids, flavonoids, coumarins, lactones and amino acids. In addition, the crucial information involved in food chemistry suggests that Pandanus species can also be a good candidate to provide essential oils and nutrient contents of vitamins and sugars.

Keywords: Genus Pandanus, alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, lignans, lipids, phenols, steroids, terpenoids.

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