Enantioseparation of Eight Pairs of Tetralone Derivative Enantiomers on Cellulose Based Chiral Stationary Phase by HPLC

Author(s): Qiongwen Zhang, Junyuan Zhang, Xia Wang, Jia Yu*, Xingjie Guo*

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Analysis

Volume 16 , Issue 5 , 2020

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: Tetralone derivatives, important resources for the development of new drugs which can act in the treatment of central nervous system disorders or participate in synthesis reaction for the synthesis of various pharmaceuticals, have great research value and a bright prospect in exploitation.

Methods: A novel chiral HPLC method for efficient enantioseparation of eight tetralone derivative enantiomers was developed on cellulose based CHIRALPAK IC chiral stationary phase under normal mode by investigating the effects of type and content of organic modifier, column temperature and flow rate on retention and enantioselectivity. Besides, the specificity, linearity, stability, precision, accuracy and robustness of this method were also validated.

Results: Satisfactory enantioseparation was obtained for all enantiomers in n-hexane/2-propanol mobile phase system at ambient temperature. The thermodynamic study indicated that the solute transfer from the mobile to stationary phase was enthalpically favorable, and the process of enantioseparation was mainly enthalpy controlled. This method met the requirements for quantitative determination of tetralone derivative enantiomers.

Conclusion: This study can provide great and important application value for enantioseparation of eight pairs of newly synthesized tetralone derivative enantiomers under normal mode using CHIRALPAK IC chiral column.

Keywords: CHIRALPAK IC column, enantioseparation, HPLC, tetralone derivatives, enantiomers, chiral stationary phases.

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