Structural and Bioactive Studies of Halogenated Constituents from Sponges

Author(s): Chao Li, Dayong Shi*

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 27 , Issue 14 , 2020

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Marine organisms are abundant sources of bioactive natural products. Among metabolites produced by sponges and their associated microbial communities, halogenated natural compounds accounted for an important part due to their potent biological activities. The present review updates and compiles a total of 258 halogenated organic compounds isolated in the past three decades, especially brominated derivatives derived from 31 genera of marine sponges. These compounds can be classified as the following classes: brominated polyunsaturated lipids, nitrogen compounds, brominated tyrosine derivatives and other halogenated compounds. These substances were listed together with their source organisms, structures and bioactivities. For this purpose, 84 references were consulted.

Keywords: Halogenated, sponges, marine, isolate, constitutes, activity.

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