Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

In a constantly changing economic environment, higher education institutions need to adapt in order to be relevant to their stakeholders and the society. The unpredictable landscape also demands a ...
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Changing Student Demographics

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Christina Chow and Clement Leung


While domestic student numbers are declining in developed countries, international student enrolments have grown and will continue to grow. But the source and destination countries will change based on capacity, political and economic factors. However, universities should not simply rely on inflow of affluent international students as home country governments are waking up to the outflow of financial and human capitals. Instead, universities should genuinely invest in enhancing internationalization of education and explore new models of partnerships for mutual benefits.


Demographics, International Students, Multilateral Partnerships, Student Mobility.


RMIT University Melbourne Australia.