Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

In a constantly changing economic environment, higher education institutions need to adapt in order to be relevant to their stakeholders and the society. The unpredictable landscape also demands a ...
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Technology Challenges

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Christina Chow and Clement Leung


This chapter looks at the advances in learning technology to stimulate deeper learning in students. These include the use of artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing, pattern and speech recognition, and robotics. AI can monitor class performance, provide personalized learning support to students, and create an immersive learning experience through the use of virtual or augmented reality. Augmented and virtual reality are useful in helping students understand situations which are difficult to visualise. Virtual reality (VR) can assist students to practice without physical limitations.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented and Virtual Reality, DeakinSync, IBM’s Supercomputer Watson, Labster, Teacherbots.


RMIT University Melbourne Australia.