Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

In a constantly changing economic environment, higher education institutions need to adapt in order to be relevant to their stakeholders and the society. The unpredictable landscape also demands a ...
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A Reason to Survive

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Christina Chow and Clement Leung


What is the unifying thread of this centuries-old institution? How university as an institution which has undergone so many transitions through the centuries still remain strong as a higher learning institution? Throughout this narrative, the purpose has been to search for the quintessence of the idea of a university, the core principle which has enabled it to endure. One of the more coherent concepts is that of “understanding”. In this context, “understanding” encompasses a broader concept – from enquiry, critical debate, self-understanding, self-discovery, self-reflection and self-knowledge to the pursuit of truth. As such, “understanding” has the ability to bind all those who believe in the search for truth and in the idea of a university, to be believers through the quest for knowledge.


Self-Discovery, Self-Knowledge, Self-Reflection, Self- Understanding, The Idea of a University, Truth-Seeking.


RMIT University Melbourne Australia.