Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

Redefining University Leadership for the 21st Century

In a constantly changing economic environment, higher education institutions need to adapt in order to be relevant to their stakeholders and the society. The unpredictable landscape also demands a ...
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Is the Knowledge Factory Broken?

Pp. 14-16 (3)

Christina Chow and Clement Leung


Universities value research above teaching due to its influence on ranking tables. Many universities tend to offer high-margin programs in order to channel teaching surpluses towards funding research. Mediocre researchers are valued over inspiring teachers, who are often passed over for promotion. The existence of a research-teaching nexus is questionable when most researchers hardly teach. Despite the proliferation of research publications, groundbreaking research has actually decreased in the last few decades. There are claims that most published research is false, and that there is a crisis of credibility due to the inability to replicate many experiments.


Australian Productivity Commission, Incentive System, P-hacking, Research-Teaching Nexus.


RMIT University Melbourne Australia., United International College China and Victoria University Melbourne Australia.