Subject Area: Sociology

Doing Qualitative Community Research: Lessons For Faculty, Students And Communities
By: Ernest Quimby

US $ 49

Normalization And “Outsiderhood”
By: Siv Fahlgren, Anders Johansson and Diana Mulinari

US $ 35

Prerequisites for Healthy Organizational Change
By: Per Øystein Saksvik

US $ 33

Queer and Subjugated Knowledge
By: Bronwyn Davies, Kerry H. Robinson and Cristyn Davies

US $ 21

Rural Lifestyles, Community Well-being and Social Change: Lessons from Country Australia for Global Citizens
By: Angela T. Ragusa

US $ 59

Social Determinants, Health Equity and Human Development
By: Boutayeb A.

US $ 39

The Paradox In Partnership: The Role of Conflict in Partnership Building
By: Helena Syna Desivilya and Michal Palgi

US $ 39