Finite Element Simulation, Analysis and Research on the Influence of 3D Printing Parameters on Forming Precision

Author(s): Zhang Baoqing*, Mohammad Imran Farid, Yu Shuo, Cao Cong, Shaoze Zhang

Journal Name: Recent Patents on Engineering

Volume 13 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: 3D printing technology is an emerging technology based on additive ideas. Desktop-level 3D printers molded by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) are widely used. However, their printing accuracy is relatively low accompanied by severe warpage, which limits its application scope and fields. Therefore, analysis of the cause of warpage in the printing process and optimization, has important practical significance for promoting the application of FDM printers.

Methods: The goal of this work is to improve the forming precision of 3D prints, through the finite element analysis software ANSYS, utilizing the life and death component innovation and coupling the temperature field and stress field of printing speed, one of the key factors affecting the forming precision. After the calculation and analysis, the following conclusions can be drawn: In testing with other conditions unchanged, when the printing speed is gradually increased, the accuracy of the print is improved first and then decreased. This method provides a new way to analyze the influence of other factors on the forming accuracy and also provides a new way to get the best print parameters under the combined action of many factors. We reviewed several patents related to 3D printing, its optimization, formulations, precision and accuracy in respective field.

Results: So, to achieve the best results, layer thickness has great influence on the molding precision. Finally, the results were obtained by finite element analysis, finding the best printing accuracy of the print parameters and verifying them by conducting actual printing.

Conclusion: The research shows that the thickness of the layer has the greatest influence on the printing accuracy in the process parameters studied.

Keywords: Fused deposition modeling, the birth-death element method, coupling analysis, finite element, 3D printing, parameters.

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