Advances in Organic Synthesis

Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 10

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Advances in Organic Synthesis is a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. The series presents comprehensive reviews written by eminent ...
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Acidic and Basic Functionalized Ionic Liquid Systems for Advanced Synthesis of Five and Six Membered Nitrogenates Heterocycles

Pp. 139-196 (58)

Pinky Gogoi, Susmita Saikia, Arup Kumar Dutta and Ruli Borah


This book chapter describes a brief introduction on acidic and basic functional group tethered ionic liquid systems with various ion-pairs and their utilization as recyclable catalyst/medium in designing sustainable advanced synthetic methods of selected five and six membered nitrogenated heterocycles via one-pot approach.


Acidic ionic liquids, Basic ionic liquids, Multicomponent, NHeterocycles, One-pot reaction, Reusable catalysts, Sustainable method.


Department of Chemical Sciences, Tezpur University, Napaam-784028, Tezpur, Assam, India.