Advances in Organic Synthesis

Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 10

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Advances in Organic Synthesis is a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. The series presents comprehensive reviews written by eminent ...
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Recent Advances in the Synthesis of N-Glycosyl Compounds

Pp. 99-138 (40)

Nuno M. Xavier and Rafael Nunes


N-Glycosyl compounds, analogs of glycosides possessing an N-glycosidic linkage, have attracted much attention as synthetic targets in medicinal chemistry, due to their biological activities. In this chapter, the synthesis of non-nucleosidic Nglycosyl compounds is reviewed. The groups of molecules covered herein include Nglycosylamines/ amides, sulfonamides, hydrazines, phosphoramidates and Nglycosylamino acids, among other related derivatives. Methods for their access, based on the literature from the last 20 years, as well as their relevance as bioactive substances, are focused.


Biological activity, Glycals, Glycosyl azides, N-Glycosylation, NGlycosylamines, N-Glycosylhydroxylamines, N-Glycosylalkoxyamines, NGlycosylamino acids, N-Glycosylamides, N-Glycosyl trichloroacetamides, NGlycosylsulfonamides, N-Glycosylhydrazines, N-Glycosylphosphoramidates, NGlycosylimines, N-Glycosyl succinimides, O-Glycoside mimetics, Staudinger ligation, Staudinger-type reactions.


Centro de Química e Bioquímica, Faculdade de Ciências, Universidade de Lisboa, Ed. C8, 5º Piso, Campo Grande, 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal.