Arduino Meets Matlab: Interfacing, Programs and Simulink

This book provides a single platform for beginners in systems engineering to start Arduino interface projects with MATLAB®. It covers the basics of the programming with Arduino and Arduino ...
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Introduction to Arduino, Arduino IDE and Proteus Software

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Rajesh Singh, Anita Gehlot, Sushabhan Choudhry and Bhupendra Singh


Arduino is an open source platform and easy to use software. The chapter is about to discuss the advantages of Arduino with brief description to each Arduino board including UNO, MEGA and NANO. Arduino Integrated Development Environment is used to write the program for Arduino, this chapter elaborates step to step description of writing and compiling the program. Proteus simulator is also introduced, which is used for checking the feasibility of program and working of the designed system without actual implementation on hardware. Design steps are described for the beginners.


Arduino, Arduino IDE, Open Source Platform.


School of Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India.