Hydrogel-clay Nanocomposites as Carriers for Controlled Release

Author(s): Raluca Ianchis, Claudia Mihaela Ninciuleanu*, Ioana Catalina Gifu, Elvira Alexandrescu, Cristina Lavinia Nistor, Sabina Nitu, Cristian Petcu

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 27 , Issue 6 , 2020

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The present review aims to summarize the research efforts undertaken in the last few years in the development and testing of hydrogel-clay nanocomposites proposed as carriers for controlled release of diverse drugs. Their advantages, disadvantages and different compositions of polymers/biopolymers with diverse types of clays, as well as their interactions are discussed. Illustrative examples of studies regarding hydrogel-clay nanocomposites are detailed in order to underline the progressive researches on hydrogel-clay-drug pharmaceutical formulations able to respond to a series of demands for the most diverse applications. Brief descriptions of the different techniques used for the characterization of the obtained complex hybrid materials such as: swelling, TGA, DSC, FTIR, XRD, mechanical, SEM, TEM and biology tests, are also included. Enlightened by the presented data, we can suppose that hydrogel-clay nanocomposites will still be a challenging subject of global assiduous researches. We can dare to dream to an efficient drug delivery platform for the treatment of multiple affection concomitantly, these being undoubtedly like ”a tree of life” bearing different kinds of fruits and leaves proper for human healing.

Keywords: Clay, drug, hydrogel, nanocomposites, controlled release, hydrogel-clay, biopolymer.

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