Two Variants of Secure Routing Algorithms in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

Author(s): Sulata Mitra*, Priyodarshini Dhar

Journal Name: International Journal of Sensors, Wireless Communications and Control

Volume 9 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background and Objective: Two different variants of secure routing algorithms are proposed in the present work. In both the variants a stable route is established between source and destination.

Methods: The selected route is associated with the nodes having sufficient energy to establish the route and to transmit the data packets, minimum velocity to reduce the frequency of link failure, maximum distance from the source node to reduce the number of hops in the selected route, minimum number of neighbors to reduce the routing overhead. Each variant has two phases. In the first phase it is assumed that the selected route has no attackers. The first phase is made more realistic in the second phase by considering the presence of attacker in the selected route. In the first variant a node associated with the selected route overhears the transmission of the next forwarder node to detect an attacker node in the routing path. But a node may fail to overhear its next hop in presence of hidden node, due to limited overhear range etc. Such problem is eliminated in the second variant. In the second variant each node associated with the selected route searches its data packet buffer for the reception of the next data packet from its predecessor node associated with the same route and suspects the predecessor node as an attacker in case the next data packet is not found in the buffer. The performance of both the variants is compared on the basis of packet delivery ratio, throughput and average end-to-end delay.

Results: The throughput and packet delivery ratio are higher in the second variant than the first variant whereas the average end-to-end delay is less in the second variant than the first variant.

Conclusion: Moreover both the variants outperform the existing schemes in terms of packet delivery ratio, throughput and average end-to-end delay.

Keywords: Black hole, end-to-end delay, gray hole, MANET, routing, multihop network.

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