Recent Drug-Repurposing-Driven Advances in the Discovery of Novel Antibiotics

Author(s): Ananda Kumar Konreddy, Grandhe Usha Rani, Kyeong Lee*, Yongseok Choi*

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 26 , Issue 28 , 2019

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Drug repurposing is a safe and successful pathway to speed up the novel drug discovery and development processes compared with de novo drug discovery approaches. Drug repurposing uses FDA-approved drugs and drugs that failed in clinical trials, which have detailed information on potential toxicity, formulation, and pharmacology. Technical advancements in the informatics, genomics, and biological sciences account for the major success of drug repurposing in identifying secondary indications of existing drugs. Drug repurposing is playing a vital role in filling the gap in the discovery of potential antibiotics. Bacterial infections emerged as an ever-increasing global public health threat by dint of multidrug resistance to existing drugs. This raises the urgent need of development of new antibiotics that can effectively fight multidrug-resistant bacterial infections (MDRBIs). The present review describes the key role of drug repurposing in the development of antibiotics during 2016–2017 and of the details of recently FDA-approved antibiotics, pipeline antibiotics, and antibacterial properties of various FDA-approved drugs of anti-cancer, anti-fungal, anti-hyperlipidemia, antiinflammatory, anti-malarial, anti-parasitic, anti-viral, genetic disorder, immune modulator, etc. Further, in view of combination therapies with the existing antibiotics, their potential for new implications for MDRBIs is discussed. The current review may provide essential data for the development of quick, safe, effective, and novel antibiotics for current needs and suggest acuity in its effective implications for inhibiting MDRBIs by repurposing existing drugs.

Keywords: Drug repurposing, antibiotics, drug discovery, anti-bacterial activity, bacterial infections, FDAapproved drugs.

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