Simultaneous Determination of Methocarbamol and Paracetamol in the Presence of Three Related Substances by Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography

Author(s): Yanjuan Zheng, Qiushi Peng, Rui Dong*, Tingyu Chen, Yi Bao, Qianrong Peng*, Min Yang*

Journal Name: Current Pharmaceutical Analysis

Volume 15 , Issue 5 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Introduction: A rapid, and accurate Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) method was developed to simultaneously analyze Methocarbamol, Paracetamol and the related substances.

Materials and Methods: Waters ACQUITY UPLC® BEH Phenyl C18 column was used in conjunction with UV detection at 225nm. Gradient elution with 0.05M, pH 6 phosphate buffer and acetonitrile flow at 0.3mL /min rate were used to separate the substances. The retention times for 4-Aminopheno, Paracetamol, Guaifenesin, Methocarbamol, and 4-Chloroacetanilide were 1.319 minute, 2.224 minute, 4.467 minute, 4.769 minute and 5.433 minute respectively. The concentration was linear in the range of 2-100 µg/ml for Methocarbamol, and 1-100 µg/mL for Paracetamol. The percentage recoveries were between 99.28±1.23% to 100.57±0.99% for Methocarbamol, and between 99.08±1.23% to 101.23±1.39% for Paracetamol.

Results and Discussion: The validated optimal protocol is robust and accurate for simultaneous analysis of Methocarbamol, Paracetamol and the related substances, applicable for bulk powder as well as pharmaceutical formulation.

Conclusion: In this paper, a highly sensitive, accurate, and precise UPLC method with UV-Vis detection was developed and validated for quality control of MET and PAR in bulk as well as in pharmaceutical preparations.

Keywords: Methocarbamol, guaifenesin, paracetamol, 4-aminophenol, 4-chloroacetanilide, UPLC.

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