Exploration of the Biological Potential of Benzoxazoles: An Overview

Author(s): Mayura Kale*, Vijayalaxmi Chavan

Journal Name: Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry

Volume 16 , Issue 2 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


The development of benzoxazole containing drugs and research compounds has been discussed in the present review along with its varied pharmacological activities such as antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, anticancer, antiviral, antiasthmatic, antitubercular, anticonvulsant, lipid modulating, anticoagulants, antidiabetic and anthelmintic activities. The present review is a compilation of the biological activities determined in the research work conducted on benzoxazole-based compounds fused and linked with various other heterocycles.

Keywords: Benzoxazole, anticancer, antiasthmatic, antitubercular, antiviral, antidiabetic.

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