Melanin, the Master Molecule

Melanin, the Master Molecule

Melanin is a biological molecule associated with pigmentation in humans and animals. However, melanin has been observed to have other functions such as neuroprotection and energy production. In ...
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The Source of Energy of the Nucleus in Eukaryotic Cell is Molecular Hydrogen and High Energy Electrons

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Arturo Solís Herrera, Arias Esparza, María del Carmen, Solís Arias Ruth I, Solís Arias Paola E and Solís Arias Martha P


Until today it is a widely disseminated belief that the main source of energy of eukaryotic cell is ATP. Those means that the daily intake of food is transformed into phosphate´s compounds of high energy as ATP and GTP. Supposedly this metabolic pathway is enough for 95% of our energy´s needs. However, our work about the three main causes of blindness in Mexico, taught us an astonishing fact: 99% of the energy of human retina comes from water. Furthermore, the explanation is amazing: human body has a photo-system composed by light-melanin-water (in order of abundance in the universe) with the extraordinary capacity of uses water as source of electrons.


Cell Nucleus, Energy, Eukaryotic cell, Hydrogen, Melanin, Oxygen, Photosynthesis.


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