Numerical Analysis for Science, Engineering and Technology

Numerical Analysis for Science, Engineering and Technology

This textbook is intended as a guide for undergraduate and graduate students in engineering, science and technology courses. Chapters of the book cover the numerical concepts of errors, ...
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Numerical Solution for Ordinary Differential Equations

Pp. 150-217 (68)

Said Gamil Ahmed Sayed Ahmed, Hossein Jafari, Mukhtar Yagoub Youssif and Roberto Datja


In science, engineering, and technology most of these applications contain one or two systems of ordinary differential equations. Many of these differential equations can't be solved using the traditional analytical method called symbolic methods. In these cases numerical or approximate methods will be used instead. In the present chapter, some elementary basic numerical methods for solving one, two and higher ordinary differential equations as well as system of ordinary differential equations will be presented with illustrative examples.


Euler method, Modified Euler, Runge-Kutta method, Taylor series method.


Professor of Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig University, Egypt.