Current Developments in Mathematical Sciences

Current Developments in Mathematical Sciences

Volume: 1

Frontiers in Fractional Calculus

This book brings together eleven topics on different aspects of fractional calculus in a single volume. It provides readers the basic knowledge of fractional calculus and introduces advanced topics ...
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Monotone Iteration Principle in the Theory of Hadamard Fractional Delay Differential Equations

Pp. 132-158 (27)

Kishor D. Kucche


This chapter deals with the existence, uniqueness and approximations of solutions of Hadamard fractional delay differential equations and neutral Hadamard fractional delay differential equations. The results are acquired via monotone iteration principle and hybrid fixed point theorems established by Dhage (2014) in partially ordered normed linear spaces (PONLS) by imposing weak conditions on the functions involved in the equations like mixed partial continuity and partial compactness or partial Lipschitz conditions.


Hadamard fractional differential equations, Existence and uniqueness, Hybrid fixed point theorems, Monotone iteration principle.


Department of Mathematics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, 416004 India.