Current and Future Developments in Nanomaterials and Carbon Nanotubes

Current and Future Developments in Nanomaterials and Carbon Nanotubes

Introduction to Carbon Nanomaterials

Current and Future Developments in Nanomaterials and Carbon Nanotubes presents thematic volumes that highlight research in the field of nanomaterials. The book series covers the theory and ...
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Carbon Nanotubes in Drug Delivery

Pp. 184-207 (24)

Mohammad Faiyaz Anwar, Neelam Yadav and Swati Jain


Carbon nanotubes are one of the most commonly used nanomaterials in research field and consumer industries. They have attained popularity in biomedical applications pertaining to novel drug delivery carriers, as building blocks for tissue regeneration as well as probes for bio-imaging and bio-sensing. Both multi-walled and single walled CNTs have been employed for therapeutic activity for the treatment of several diseases such as cancer therapy, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Alzheimer Syndrome via multiple approaches. Potential application of CNTs as nano-carrier is their ability to translocate through cellular membranes, facilitate their use for the delivery of therapeutically active molecules resembling cell-penetrating peptides. This chapter highlights the importance of CNTs as a vehicle for delivering wide variety of payloads including drugs, small organic molecules, oligonucleotides, proteins, siRNA, vaccines and nutrients. We have focussed on demonstrating their synthesis and functionalization as important procedural steps for creating a smart and intelligent system for delivery.


Biodegradation, Biosafety, Cancer therapy, Cargoes, Drug delivery, Encapsulation, Encapsulation efficiency, Genes, MWCNTs, Nano-carrier, Neurons, Nutrients, Personalized therapeutics, Proteins, PL-PEG, Smart vehicle, Surface functionalization, SWNTs.


National Post-Doctoral Fellow, Renal Pathology Lab,Department of Pathology,AIIMS, New Delhi-29, India.