Chemical Kinetic Modeling of Nutricereal based Fermented Baby Food for Shelf Life Prediction

Author(s): Prasad Rasane*, Alok Jha, Sawinder Kaur, Vikas Kumar, Nitya Sharma.

Journal Name: Current Nutrition & Food Science

Volume 15 , Issue 4 , 2019

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Graphical Abstract:


Background: A nutricereal based fermented baby food was investigated to predict its shelf life using chemical kinetic modeling. An optimized baby food formulation, packaged in metalized polyester packets was stored at accelerated conditions for 180 days and analyzed for Hydroxy Methyl Furfural (HMF), Thiobarbituric Value (TBA), Free Fatty Acid Content (FFA) and sensory characteristics.

Objective: The objective of the study was to determine the shelf life of the optimized nutricereal based fermented baby food using chemical kinetic modeling.

Methods: Chemical kinetics analysis by investigating the Hydroxymethyl Furfural content, thiobarbituric value (TBA), free fatty acid content (FFA) and sensory characteristics of the optimized baby food.

Results: Shelf life model based on chemical and sensory acceptability was derived using Arrhenius equation modeling. Thus, the baby food had a predictive shelf life of 54 weeks when stored at 10°C in metalized polyester based on the chemical (HMF, TBA and FFA) and sensory (overall acceptability) characteristics. A most suitable model based on FFA was developed considering lowest root mean square (RMS) percentages and least deviations in actual and predicted values.

Conclusion: Chemcial kinetics could be applied to determine the shelf life of the fermented baby foods. HMF, TBA and FFA play key role in the shelf life of the stored fermented product. A model based on FFA is most suitable to determine the shelf life of the powdered nutricereal based fermented baby food packged in metalized polyster, stored at 10°C.

Keywords: Arrhenius modeling, baby food, chemical kinetics, nutricereal, predictive modeling, shelf life.

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