Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Volume: 4

Craniopharyngiomas - Classification and Surgical Treatment

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Craniopharyngiomas are a type of brain tumour in the suprasellar region with benign histological and cellular features. Clinical manifestations of craniopharyngiomas include decreased vision, ...
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Anatomy Based on Transspenoidal Approaches for Surgery of Craniopharyngioma

Pp. 134-145 (12)

Yuntao Lu


As the sellar region location, the trans-nasal transsphenoidal corridor was thought to be the most effective approach to reach the surgical area. In recent decade, the endoscopic surgery developed extremely rapidly. As the result, more and more scholars tried to use transsphenoidal and it extended approach to dissect the craniopharyngioma (CP). In this chapter, we provided the basic anatomical details concerning the endonasal transsphenoid approach and its expanded application for surgical removal of CP. Moreover, several clinical cases and the morphological features of CP were analyzed. Base on the different classification of CP, the appropriate application of this approach was discussed.


Anatomy, Craniopharyngioma, Transsphenoidal approach.


Department of Neurosurgery, Nanfang Neurosurgery Research Institution, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, 1838 North Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, China.