Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Frontiers in Neurosurgery

Volume: 4

Craniopharyngiomas - Classification and Surgical Treatment

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Craniopharyngiomas are a type of brain tumour in the suprasellar region with benign histological and cellular features. Clinical manifestations of craniopharyngiomas include decreased vision, ...
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Anatomy Based on Pterional Approach and its Extension Approach for Surgery of Craniopharyngioma

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Yuntao Lu


As the surrounding vital constructures, such as pituitary stalk, hypothalamus, third verntricule, et al, the surgery of craniopharyngioma (CP) is one of the most difficult in the field of neurosurgery. Better understanding the anatomy of sellar region, especially the related constructures to the possible origin site of CP are particularly important. In this chapter, we focus depicted the anatomy of sellar region based on the pterional approach, which is the most common surgical approach used in resection of CP. Within the description, we added the understandings about the surgical skills when removal the CP. Moreover, the morphology of tumor was analyzed and the reason of choosing pterional and its extension approach were also discussed.


Anatomy, Craniopharyngioma, Craniotomy, Pterional approach.


Department of Neurosurgery, Nanfang Neurosurgery Research Institution, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, 1838 North Guangzhou Avenue, Guangzhou, China.