Current and Future Developments in Law

Current and Future Developments in Law

Volume: 2

The Rights of Minorities: Cultural Groups, Migrants, Displaced Persons and Sexual Identity

This volume focuses on the rights of minorities. Minorities are often subject to discrimination and individuals find themselves being rejected by the majority. In such cases, people belonging to a ...
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Gender Discrimination, Immigration and Multiculturalism

Pp. 131-144 (14)

Catalina Ruiz-Rico Ruiz and Luis Francisco Sanchez Caceres


The fusion of immigration and multiculturalism problems generates new legal challenges and a constitutional quandary focused on the Equality as a fundamental right. Discriminatory practices by gender such as anthropological practices, cults and traditions have been imported obstructing any legal relativism in the framework of an alliance between different civilizations. The Equality as a constitutional principle and as a multiculturalism limit involves a constitutional answer in relation to discriminatory practices that emerges from religious freedom, forced marriages and other coercive behaviors suffered by immigrant women.


Gender discrimination, Multiculturalism, Religious freedom, Violence against women.


Faculty of Law, University of Jaen, Jaen, Spain.