Ophthalmology: Current and Future Developments

Ophthalmology: Current and Future Developments

Volume: 4

Contemporary Scleral Lenses: Theory and Application

Contemporary Scleral Lenses: Theory and Application, provides comprehensive information about scleral lenses. Chapters of this volume have been contributed by renowned scleral lens experts and cover ...
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Examination Flow for Scleral Lens Fitting

Pp. 284-302 (19)

Brooke Messer and Stephanie Woo


Most practitioners will agree in that fitting scleral lenses is a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. As the awareness of scleral lenses becomes widespread, the number of patients seeking scleral lenses continues to grow. Due to the rise in demand, proper preparation by the practitioner and the clinic can optimize the patient experience. Patients who wear scleral lenses often have complex and unique ocular conditions. It is important to educate patients on their condition and the scleral lens fitting process to avoid frustration when multiple follow up visits are necessary. Examination flow of scleral lenses is an evolving process, and current standards will continue to change as technology, lens designs and research develop.


Adaptor, authorization, care, case history, contact lens, deep, dispense, examination, evaluation, medically necessary, OCT, patient, phone, practitioner, refraction, shape, slit lamp, testing, topography, visual acuity.


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