Metabolomics and Heart Diseases: From Basic to Clinical Approach

Author(s): Ignasi Barba*, Mireia Andrés, David Garcia-Dorado

Journal Name: Current Medicinal Chemistry

Volume 26 , Issue 1 , 2019

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Background: The field of metabolomics has been steadily increasing in size for the last 15 years. Advances in analytical and statistical methods have allowed metabolomics to flourish in various areas of medicine. Cardiovascular diseases are some of the main research targets in metabolomics, due to their social and medical relevance, and also to the important role metabolic alterations play in their pathogenesis and evolution.

Metabolomics has been applied to the full spectrum of cardiovascular diseases: from patient risk stratification to myocardial infarction and heart failure. However - despite the many proof-ofconcept studies describing the applicability of metabolomics in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment evaluation in cardiovascular diseases - it is not yet used in routine clinical practice.

Recently, large phenome centers have been established in clinical environments, and it is expected that they will provide definitive proof of the applicability of metabolomics in clinical practice. But there is also room for small and medium size centers to work on uncommon pathologies or to resolve specific but relevant clinical questions.

Objectives: In this review, we will introduce metabolomics, cover the metabolomic work done so far in the area of cardiovascular diseases.

Conclusion: The cardiovascular field has been at the forefront of metabolomics application and it should lead the transfer to the clinic in the not so distant future.

Keywords: Metabolic profiling, metabolomics, cardiovascular diseases, 1H NMR, metabolic phenotyping, precision medicine.

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