Recent Advances in Renewable Energy

Recent Advances in Renewable Energy

Volume: 2

Application of Flexible AC Transmission System Devices in Wind Energy Conversion Systems

This book presents information about the application of various flexible AC transmission system devices to wind energy conversion systems. Devices such as unified power flow controllers, ...
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Overview of Wind Energy Conversion Systems and Flexible AC Transmission Systems

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Ahmed Abu-Siada, Mohammad A. S. Masoum, Yasser Alharbi, Farhad Shahnia and A. M. Shiddiq Yunus


Flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) is a technology that consists of a variety of power electronic devices which was developed with the aim of controlling both power and voltage at certain locations of the electricity grids during disturbances, improving the existing transmission line capacity and providing a controllable power flow for a selected transmission direction. This chapter provides a general overview for variable FACTS devices, concepts and topologies. It also provides brief information about various wind energy conversion systems.


Flexible AC transmission systems, Wind energy conversion systems.


Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Curtin University Kent St, Bentley WA 6102 Australia.