Advances in Organic Synthesis

Advances in Organic Synthesis

Volume: 7

Editor(s): Atta-ur Rahman

Indexed in: Scopus, EBSCO, Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

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Advances in Organic Synthesis is a book series devoted to the latest advances in synthetic approaches towards challenging structures. It presents comprehensive articles written by eminent authorities ...
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Atta -ur Rahman

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Pp. ii

Atta -ur Rahman

Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Peptides and Proteins

Pp. 29-173 (145)

Riaz A. Khan, Mamuna Naz, Minhajul Arfeen and Nahid Abbas

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Bioorthogonal Coupling Strategies Used in Pretargeted Nuclear Imaging and Radiotherapy

Pp. 174-198 (25)

Justin J. Bailey, Carmen Wängler, Björn Wängler and Ralf Schirrmacher

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Different Concepts of Catalysis in the Synthesis of Xanthenediones: A Brief Overview

Pp. 199-227 (29)

Milene Lopes da Silva, Róbson Ricardo Teixeira and Giovanni Wilson Amarante

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Pp. 259-273 (15)

Atta -ur Rahman