Molecular Bases of Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Retina

Molecular Bases of Neurodegenerative Disorders of the Retina

Author(s): Hemant Khanna

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This book focuses on the physiology and molecular biology of the front and back regions of the eye. Specifically, the chapters of this book cover topics that explain currently less understood aspects ...
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Preface  promotion: free to download

Pp. i

Hemant Khanna

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Pp. ii

Hemant Khanna

Ciliary Trafficking in Vertebrate Photoreceptors

Pp. 1-15 (15)

Hemant Khanna

PDF Price: $15

Zebrafish Models of Photoreceptor Ciliopathies

Pp. 16-38 (23)

Brian D. Perkins

PDF Price: $15

Inositol Phosphatases in Retinal Ciliary Disorder

Pp. 39-53 (15)

Cathleen Wallmuth, Na Luo and Yang Sun

PDF Price: $15

Understanding the Pathogenesis of Neurodegeneration in Diabetic Retinopathy (DR)

Pp. 54-73 (20)

Shahna Shahulhameed, Subhabrata Chakrabarti, Jay K. Chhablani and Inderjeet Kaur

PDF Price: $15

Rhodopsin Traffics to the Rod Outer Segment in the Absence of Homodimeric and Heterotrimeric Kinesin-2

Pp. 74-85 (12)

Li Jiang, Jeanne M. Frederick and Wolfgang Baehr

PDF Price: $15

The Molecular Links between Mutations in RDS and Diseases of the Retina

Pp. 86-100 (15)

Michael W. Stuck, Shannon M. Conley and Muna I. Naash

PDF Price: $15

Cellular Mechanisms of Cone Defects in Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channel Deficiency

Pp. 109-124 (16)

Xi-Qin Ding, Hongwei Ma, Martin Biel and Stylianos Michalakis

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 125-132 (8)

Hemant Khanna