Current and Future Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Current and Future Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Computational Systems: A Multi-Disciplinary Perspective

Intelligent Computational Systems presents current and future developments in intelligent computational systems in a multi-disciplinary context. Readers will learn about the pervasive and ubiquitous ...
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The Age of the Connected World of Intelligent Computational Entities: Reliability Issues including Ethics, Autonomy and Cooperation of Agents

Pp. 184-213 (30)

Tuncer Ören and Levent Yilmaz


In this chapter, Internet of Things is perceived as a special case of Connected World which in turn is considered a step in tool making. Five major stages of tool making in the history of civilization are outlined and it is pointed out that passing from one era to the next one requires a new entity which are: energy, knowledge processing ability, intelligence, connectedness, and superintelligence. The eras thus identified are: hunter-gatherer and agriculture age, industrial age, information age (also called knowledge age, informatics age), cybernetics age, connected age, and post-human era. Then what may go wrong in a connected world is elaborated on; some counter-intuitive views about cooperation and autonomy are expressed and role of ethics is stresses especially in connected world.


Connected world, Cybernetics age, Industrial age, Industry 4.0, Informatics age, Internet of things, Knowledge age, Levels of tool making, posthuman era.


School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, K1N 6N5 Canada.