Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

This book is a concise textbook of iatrogenic pathology. Chapters cover iatrogenesis relevant to a broad range of medical subspecialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, ...
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Iatrogenic Pathology of the Male Genital System

Pp. 167-176 (10)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085142117010015

Author(s): Ioan Jung, Simona Gurzu, Sabin Turdean


Similar to the female genital system, the male genitalia can be injured by drugs or during diagnostic and/or therapeutic interventions. The drug-induced lesions of the male genitalia that are analyzed in this chapter include contact dermatitis, fixed drug eruptions, scrotal blisters and other specific lesions, such as red scrotum syndrome and scrotum hemangioma. Iatrogenic functional disorders are also presented in detail. The final section of this chapter is dedicated to surgical-related lesions of the male genitalia.


Adverse drug reaction, Allergy, Circumcision, Dermatitis, Fixed drug eruption, Genital system, Gynecomastia, Hemangioma, Hyperplasia, Iatrogenic, Male genitalia, Prostate, Red scrotum syndrome, Urticaria.