Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

This book is a concise textbook of iatrogenic pathology. Chapters cover iatrogenesis relevant to a broad range of medical subspecialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, ...
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Iatrogenic Pathology of the Female Genital System and Breast

Pp. 159-166 (8)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085142117010014

Author(s): Ioan Jung, Simona Gurzu, Sabin Turdean


The female genital system and breast can be injured by drugs or during diagnostic and/or therapeutic interventions. Drug-induced lesions of the female genitalia primarily involve contact dermatitis and fixed drug eruptions. Galactorrhea can be caused by several drugs, including neuroleptics and antihypertensive agents. In females with breast cancer, tamoxifen can induce endometrial hyperplasia and transformation into carcinoma. Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures rarely lead to severe complications, but such complications are specific and require knowledge for clinicians. The final section of this chapter is reserved for specific lesions related to pregnancy and the effects of the intrauterine environment on newborns.


Adverse drug reaction, Allergy, Breast, Dermatitis, Endocervical hyperplasia, Endometrial atrophy, Endometrial hyperplasia, Female genitalia, Fixed drug eruption, Galactorrhea, Genital system, Iatrogenic, Newborn, Pregnancy, Urticaria.