Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

Textbook of Iatrogenic Pathology

This book is a concise textbook of iatrogenic pathology. Chapters cover iatrogenesis relevant to a broad range of medical subspecialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, ...
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Adverse Drug Reactions

Pp. 1-6 (6)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681085142117010005

Author(s): Ioan Jung, Simona Gurzu


This chapter includes general aspects regarding the definitions and mechanisms of occurrences of adverse drug reactions (ADRs). They can be realized through non-immunological (type A reaction) or immunological (type B reaction) pathways and can be dose-dependent or independent. A new type of ADR is encountered in oncology departments in patients taking monoclonal antibodies. It is known as drug-induced apoptosis and is presented in this chapter. The mechanisms and classification of the severity of these reactions, as well as the particularities of acute, chronic and chronic-delayed ADRs, are also explored. The severity can be patient- or drug-related. In the chapters that follow, specific system- and organ-related ADRs are presented.


Acute, Adverse drug reaction, Allergy, Apoptosis, Ahronic, Hypersensitivity, Iatrogenic, Idiosyncrasy, Monoclonal antibodies, Recurrent