Frontiers in Nanomedicine

Frontiers in Nanomedicine

Volume: 2

Nanomedicine and Neurosciences: Advantages, Limitations and Safety Aspects

Editor(s): Giovanni Tosi

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Frontiers in Nanomedicine offers an up-to-date understanding of nanomaterials to readers having clinical or biomolecular research interests. Scientists, both aspiring and experienced, will find, in ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-i (i)

Frank Boury and Philippe Menei

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Pp. II-II (II)

Giovanni Tosi

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Giovanni Tosi

Nanomedicine and Neurodegenerative Diseases: An Introduction to Pathology and Drug Targets

Pp. 1-60 (60)

Tasnuva Sarowar and Andreas M. Grabrucker

PDF Price: $15

Neuronal Mechanisms for Nanotopography Sensing

Pp. 101-114 (14)

Ilaria Tonazzini and Marco Cecchini

PDF Price: $15

Drug Delivery to the Brain by Liposomal Carrier Systems

Pp. 115-127 (13)

Anne Mahringer and Gert Fricker

PDF Price: $15

Neuronopathic LSDs: Quest for Treatments Drives Research in Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology

Pp. 128-155 (28)

Cinzia M. Bellettato, David J. Begley, Christina Lampe and Maurizio Scarpa

PDF Price: $15

Targeting Brain Disease in Mucopolysaccharidoses

Pp. 156-183 (28)

Marika Salvalaio, Laura Rigon, Francesca D’Avanzo, Elisa Legnini, Valeria Balmaceda Valdez, Alessandra Zanetti and Rosella Tomanin

PDF Price: $15

Functional Validation of Drug Nanoconjugates in vivo

Pp. 184-198 (15)

Ibane Abasolo, Yolanda Fernández and Simó Schwartz

PDF Price: $15

How does “Protein Corona” Affect the In vivo Efficiency of Polymeric Nanoparticles? State of Art

Pp. 199-238 (40)

F. Pederzoli, M. Galliani, F. Forni, M .A. Vandelli, D. Belletti, G. Tosi and B. Ruozi

PDF Price: $15

Safety of Nanomedicine: Neuroendocrine Disrupting Potential of Nanoparticles and Neurodegeneration

Pp. 239-262 (24)

Eva Rollerova, Alzbeta Bujnakova Mlynarcikova, Jana Tulinska, Jevgenij Kovriznych, Alexander Kiss and Sona Scsukova

PDF Price: $15

Subject Index  promotion: free to download

Pp. 263-269 (7)

Giovanni Tosi