Frontiers in Bioactive Compounds

Frontiers in Bioactive Compounds

Volume: 2

At the Crossroads Between Nutrition and Pharmacology

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Functional foods (foods with known bioactive properties) have shown potential for preventive and therapeutic treatments. However, this potential must be safely determined before they enter the ...
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Metabolic Syndrome and Bioactive Compounds

Pp. 264-292 (29)

Domingo Ly Pen, Antonio Becerra and Miriam Menacho


Metabolic syndrome is defined as a set of coexisting metabolic disorders that increase an individual’s likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke, among other chronic diseases.

In Chapter 9 of this same book, we have already explained in detail, the main concepts about Mediterranean diet and bioactive compounds and diabetes.

In this chapter, we update the evidence about dietary bioactive compounds with potential in preventing / treating the Metabolic Syndrome. We will only focus on the studies where the evidence is relevant, not on the multiple studies in vivo, very interesting indeed, but with no current clinical relevance.

Bioactive compounds should be of the greatest interest because of their multiple positive effects on health, prevention of Metabolic Syndrome related diseases or lowering their complications.


Bioactive compounds, Metabolic syndrome.


Croydon UCC, Croydon University Hospital, London, CR7 7YE, United Kingdom.