Frontiers in Parasitology

Frontiers in Parasitology

Volume: 2

Water-borne Protozoa in Humans

Editor(s): Fabrizio Bruschi

Indexed in: EBSCO

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Several parasites are able to spread diseases through contaminated water. While the spread of diseases through contaminated water appears to have a greater correlation with a lack of access to clean ...
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Foreword  promotion: free to download

Pp. i-ii (2)

Maria Elena Bottazzi

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Pp. iii

Fabrizio Bruschi

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Pp. iv-v (2)

Fabrizio Bruschi

Blastocystis spp.

Pp. 3-24 (22)

Ildebrando Patamia and Marco Giuseppe Prato

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Cryptosporidium and Cryptosporidiosis

Pp. 25-67 (43)

Simone M. Cacciò and Fabio Tosini

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Cyclospora cayetanensis

Pp. 68-81 (14)

Ynes R. Ortega

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Cystoisospora belli

Pp. 82-102 (21)

Massimiliano Galdiero, Settimia Alfano, Maria Elena Della Pepa, Gianluigi Franci, Claudia Ledda and Marilena Galdiero

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Entamoeba histolytica and other Pathogenic Intestinal Amoebea

Pp. 103-123 (21)

Eduardo R. Cobo and Kris Chadee

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Free-living Amoebae

Pp. 124-149 (26)

Vinay Khanna

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Giardia and Giardiasis

Pp. 150-220 (71)

Showgy Ma`ayeh and Staffan Svärd

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Pp. 221-275 (55)

Nadia A. El Dib and Thomas Weitzel

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Pp. 276-284 (9)

Fabrizio Bruschi