Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents

Volume: 4

Frontiers in Clinical Drug Research - Anti-Cancer Agents is a book series intended for pharmaceutical scientists, postgraduate students and researchers seeking updated and critical information for ...
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Adiponectin-Based Therapeutics for Cancer Treatment

Pp. 272-313 (42)

DOI: 10.2174/9781681084817117040007

Author(s): Dahui Li, Handi Cao, Jie Chen, Ming Liu, Yu Wang


Adiponectin is an adipokine exclusively produced from adipocytes and exerts potent growth inhibitory activity in a wide range of cancer cells. Decreased expression and/or function of adiponectin are associated with increased risks and aggressive development of cancers with poor prognoses. To restore the expression level of endogenous adiponectin and to activate its functional pathways represent promising strategies for the prevention and treatment of cancer, especially in obese patients. However, the development of recombinant adiponectin as a therapeutic agent has been hampered by the complexity of its structures and the highly diversified functionality of this magic molecule. Here, the application of different adiponectin-based prophylactics and therapeutics in cancer treatment will be thoroughly reviewed and scrutinized.


Adiponectin, Adipokine, Cancer, Obesity, Glycosylation, Peptidomimetic, Tumor microenvironment, Angiogenesis, Therapeutics.